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July 24th to August 2nd

July 24th to August 2ndAfter a hiatus of four years the Belize International Film Festival is back in full swing with the full fledged support of Belize’s National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), the Belize Film Commission and our top private sector sponsor, Traveller’s Liquors Ltd. This long awaited 4th edition of the festival promises local festival goers a look at highly acclaimed international films they missed during our time off as well as their regular treat of recently released and some not even released as yet films. There have also been some changes in the definition of film categories. Previously our categories consisted of Official Selection, Made in Belize, Caribbean Filmmakers, Central America / Southern Mexico along with Showcases from Film Schools and Special Presentations. But after Belizean filmmakers and a few Central American films kept asking which category we were going to put their films in, we had to admit we were stumped. Our Categories this time around are: Feature Length Fiction / Narrative, Feature Length Documentary, Short Fiction, Short Documentary along with Showcases from Film Schools, Film Festivals and Special Presentations. One of the main goals of the Belize International Film Festival, however, is to bring to centerstage films that are being made in the Caribbean and Central American regions along with Southern Mexico. These areas all have their own rich stories to tell, but whose themes and backgrounds all resonate strongly with our Belizean cultural traditions and way of life. In an effort to shine a stronger light on these often overshadowed regions, we have limited the submission of Short Films and Short Documentaries as open only to films from these regions. Belize is a country blessed with rich cultural diversity amongst its peoples and amazing natural resources – on land, in the sea and even underground thru it vast network of caves and now the recent discovery of oil in 2005. Belize, the only English Speaking country in Central American is also geographically the country looked most upon by CARICOM and SICA to be a critical link between the Caribbean and Central America regions. The Belize International Film Festival lives up to this expectation and continues in its aspirations to be an annual event that is looked forward to by both Belizeans and Visitors alike for its ability to bring together films, filmmakers and film enthusiasts from all over Belize, our neighbouring regions and eventually the world to the Bliss Centre in Belize City for 10 exciting days in July. During this time we expect to cater to a variety of interests with a variety of events: Cutting edge international films that have either been recently released or still unreleased films for the avid moviegoer A variety of industry seminar and workshops catering to both local and international filmmakers An Opening Night Gala complete with red carpet, invited international celebrities, cultural presentation and opening film. Organized Day Tours to the Cayes and Mayan Sites and other places of interest around the Country. Club / Bar parties willing to offer Festival specials to Film Festival Pass Holders Belize City hotels who can offer special rates to Film Festival Pass Holders.Kids learning the basics of filming with Greg Hemmings

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