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Twenty cooks from all over the country are currently working towards becoming certified culinarians. As a result of the efforts of the Belize Tourism Board and the Organization of American States the first sessions for the culinary training were held on Tuesday at the University of the West Indies Campus on Princess Margaret Drive. Laura Esquivel Frampton is the Director of Product Development at the Belize Tourism Board.

Laura Esquivel Frampton: Director, Product Development

“It came about with discussions that we have had with Mrs. Kim Osborne who is the Representative here in Belize for the Organization of American States. We spoke to her about the importance of getting our local cooks to levels where they are considered chefs so that they can take on execute chef positions. She then began speaking with the Culinary Institute of America to see what kind of programs we can have in conjunction and coordination with them. Most of the course is actually being funded by the Organization of the American States. A lot of the back up work is being done by the Belize Tourism Board. Currently this program is the pro chef level one which gives all the people who are able to pass this course certified culinary distinction.”

The three month course will include a four day written and practical exam which will be administered by the Culinary Institute of America.

Laura Esquivel Frampton: Director, Product Development

“This is the first level and after we finish with this three month course, who ever is successful will then move on to level two. Level two will be about a fifteen month course and then they will get certified Chef de Cuisine, which is the level two certification. Then after that we plan to move all of the people who pass that course pro chef level three which is the highest level you can go to then you get a certified executive chef. We are providing all of this in Belize. Right now the participants are doing the theoretical portion of the course. They are getting familiar with all the of food safety and those kinds of theoretical applications that will be tested at the end of this three month period. Eighty five is the passing mark so once these chefs can get over an eighty five they were get certified culinary distinction.”

Frampton says that there will be a strong focus on the use of local ingredients and the presentation of those ingredients.

Laura Esquivel Frampton: Director, Product Development

“Of course there will be taught different cuisines from all over the world, but one of the key components is that there is a section for use of local ingredients. We have been working with the OAS and with the Institute to make some changes so that it becomes more localized. This is so that our local chef’s can better identify with the products and the recipes that they will be creating. Our original intention was to form an agreement with the Culinary Institute of America whereby we want it to be an ongoing program. The Culinary Institute of America already has an agreement with Jamaica and they are working on a program right now that is like an ongoing school. It is as if the Culinary Institute of America has a presence in Jamaica and that is what we are working towards here in Belize.”

According to Frampton they hope to take the final portion of the training to the ITVET Campus on Freetown Road. The sessions are held two times a week from eight am to five pm.  (taken off  LoveFm News)

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