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The public’s help is needed on this project! A proposal for the Marco Gonzalez Maya Site has been put in place at the National Geogrpahic “Geotourism Challenge 2009”. An important part of the entry is input from the general public. Will you take a FEW minutes to go to the website and pull up our entry, check it out and post a comment about the importance of the project to the island, culture and education for our children and guests.
Jan Brown at the Marco Gonzalez site
Jan Brown at the Marco Gonzalez site

pots left behind

**Find the red arrows with the boxes in between. Put cursor over each box to find the GeoTourism Challenge and click on it. ON left side you will find ENTRIES (not nominations). Click on Entries. That will open all 611 Entries. IN list menu, click on “Country”. That will alphabetize them.
**On top of page 3 is our Entry from Belize – “Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Project”. After you read, scan, enjoy the information, the bottom is available for your Comment to be posted.
Thank you for helping in this important matter. Voting is July 15th to see if we make the cut to 10/15 finalists. Then we will have more work to do before final voting in December. There are interim prizes we may qualify for, so again, your help is very much appreciated

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